Monday, June 16, 2008

the beginnings of my project

wow, i'm exhausted and it's only monday...but exhausted in a good way... the first day of class was cool but i'm eager to get into talking about we just did introductions and logistical stuff...  stephanie and andrea are really down to earth, and shaul and his class are with us too, and he gave us some really good insight on the freelance side of things today.

it's intimidating to show my work on here amongst so many talented photographers, established and not yet...blogger will only let me upload one picture right now...maybe that is a sign ...i hope not!

...this is the beginnings of my week's work, from sunday...i am spending my time with a family of aztec dancers and after shooting dancing over the weekend, i'm just gonna get into their daily lives and see where things go.

was supposed to meet up with the dad, manuel, today but he didn't show and i thought my story was lost (i didn't have his phone number or anything) which was a huge bummer...and after almost 2 hours waiting in the zocalo i ran into a dancer friend of manuel's and got his number, called and made plans to meet up story is back on track for now

...thanks for looking

martin, the 12-yr-old son of manuel and monica, dances in the zocalo

--david ryder

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