Friday, June 13, 2008

It looks like I'll be the first to post with some photos everyone should see first thing  in the morning...

Yesterday, I went out with Eric, Rodrigo, and a Mexican Photojournalist that covers spot news for a local paper.  This involved sitting in his parked car for 5 hours, listening to the police radio, and going to the bathroom at the newspaper office.  After three bathroom trips for Eric and I, they refused to let us in.  Finally, around 6 p.m. we drove over to a naked protest.

There seem to be at least a couple very efficient things in Mexico City.  One (god bless) is the metro, the other is protests.  The protesters sang, danced and shouted naked until the signal for dinner, where they promptly put on their clothes and came together under the make-shift tent to eat and watch t.v.

They use comedy to make get attention but their point is serious.  They're protesting to regain land they claim was stolen under the last president.

--Posted by Jennifer Chase


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